lundi 14 janvier 2019

"They believed just as strongly in money." Deuxième ration de J.B., coupée à l’Orwell et au Voyer.

Une nouvelle citation de 12 rules for life, l’auteur évoque une époque de doute dans sa vie, il y a une bonne trentaine d’années : 

"I was truly plagued with doubt. I had outgrown the shallow Christianity of my youth by the time I could understand the fundamentals of Darwinian theory. After that, I could not distinguish the basic elements of Christian belief from wishful thinking. The socialism that soon afterwards became so attractive to me as an alternative proved equally insubstantial ; with time, I came to understand, through the great George Orwell, that much of such thinking found its motivation in hatred of the rich and successful, instead of true regard for the poor. Besides, the socialists were more intrinsically capitalists than the capitalists. They believed just as strongly in money. They just thought that if different people had the money, the problems plaguing humanity would vanish. This is simply untrue. There are many problems that money does not solve, and others that it makes worse." 

Elementary, my dear Mélenchon !